Meal Plan for January 16-22

This week’s meal plan brings in several new recipes and has a couple items that utilize advanced prep. One of the things we’ve found ourselves struggling with the last couple weeks is quick and easy breakfasts. Sure a simple fried egg is quick and easy if it’s made by and adult for an adult…but try frying eggs and making toast while bottle-feeding an infant and helping a toddler brush her teeth…and don’t forget you need to rush out the door on a schedule to get to school on time. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (when our oldest daughter Rayna) goes to school, we’re looking for something a bit quicker and easier to deal with.

Speaking of Rayna, this week’s plan has a couple modifications in it as well. Since she started eating table foods we have believed rather firmly that we are not short-order cooks and we’ll do all we can to avoid making something special or unique specifically for her. With that said, as we continue to try to help her expand her own palette, there are a few things we have agreed to make minor modifications on — if there is something that is just simply too spicy or a texture she just can’t quite handle, we’ll make a minor tweak to a meal so that she has something in the same general family as what we are having (you will see examples here like Monday’s lunch — she’ll have the same pasta as us, just no garbanzo bean sausage sauce; Tuesday’s lunch — she’ll have a sandwich, just nice the spicy chipotle burger). Even when we make a modification like this, we’ll still expect her to try what we’re having.

B- Granola w/ Banana (Cereal or Banana w/ Nutella for Rayna)
L- leftover Garbanzo/Sausage w/ Pasta (buttered noodles for Rayna)
D- Chile-Peppered Steak w/ Brown Rice

*Make zucchini muffins for Wednesday
B- Egg and Toast
L- leftover Turkey Burger (grilled cheese for Rayna), leftover roasted potatoes
D- Greek Baked Chicken w/ salad

*Hard boil eggs for Wednesday
B- zucchini muffins
L- egg salad, goldfish crackers
D- Slow Cooker Chicken Burritos, rice, chips/salsa (WW)
B- Smoothie
L- English Muffin Pizzas
D- Turkey Taco Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, canned/frozen veggie
B- zucchini muffins
L- BLT, sweet potato straws
D- N/A (out with friends for the night)

*Thaw fish for Saturday
B- Scrambled Eggs w/ veggies and cheese
D- Broiled Tilapia w/ Rice Pilaf
D- 15 Minute Vegetarian Chili


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