What’s different about this time?

For as long as I can remember, my weight has fluctuated quite a bit. I lose a bunch, keep it off for a while and then slowly gain it back. I did this for our wedding and after our first born was born. But I feel like this time is different. So, Kev asked me the question “What’s different about this time?” With a little thought, I’ve come up with these reasons:

1) Kevin’s doing it with me. Throughout our marriage, any time I’ve gone on a diet, I’ve mainly done it on my own. And after a while that self-motivation and self-drive wore off. This time, having Kevin as an accountability partner and someone who’s looking for the same results, makes the daily grind and difficult choices easier.

2) Realizing the trajectory for our family. This time, it’s about way more than just losing weight. It’s about an overall healthier lifestyle. It’s about realizing that the decisions and routines that I do now are shaping the decisions and routines my two girls will make later in life. I want them to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and that will only be easier for them if it’s instilled in them early in life.

3) Our family is complete. After Rayna was born, it was so easy to use ‘future pregnancy’ as an excuse to not make healthy choices. At this time we feel that our family is complete which, Lord willing, means no more pregnancies. So no more excuses about that.

Overall, I definitely have a different attitude this time around. I’m excited about exercising, trying new recipes and learning about how to have an overall healthy lifestyle.


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  1. Posted by Tracy on January 17, 2012 at 7:56 am

    So proud of you, Roe! I know how hard it is…Ive always fluctuated too and this year I worked so hard to get off my baby weight from Ryann and now I’m trying my hardest to make sure I don’t overdue it this time around. Good luck and I’m by your side, let me know if u ever need encouragement! We will be praying for you! Love you!


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