Meal Plan for February 26 – March 3

As I wrote in this post, last week we didn’t do a menu plan, which was a rough experiment.  We’re back on the game this week. A few highlights worth noting from this week:

  • We’re short on real intense and creative options this week. It’s the end of the month and the ‘food envelope’ is short on cash.  We need to do a better job spreading out our budget week-over-week, so this week we did a small shopping trip for some staples and are making do with what we have.
  • Tuesday night’s chicken strips will be homemade boneless, skinless chicken breasts with panko crumb breading. Homemade and fairly healthy.
  • Wednesday we’re having Eggos for breakfast. While we need to “leggo the eggos” for health purposes, we have them in the freezer and need to work their way out of the house.
  • Thursday’s lunch has “squid dogs”.  This is a recipe Robyn found in a magazine where you push whole pieces of spaghetti through an inch-long section of hot dog.  Boil them until done. Fun!
  • Our local Jewel had some varieties of Progresso soup on sale this week, so we picked up a can for lunch on Friday. I’ll be traveling for work which increases the amount of work for one person to do around here, so something quick-and-easy like this is a good plug-in. (Of course, homemade soup would be a better option, but this isn’t an awful move either.)
  • Last point — there are quite a few gaps in here where we’ll be away from home for lunch or on the go. We’ve found with our planning that we typically end up with leftovers, which can easily plug into these gaps.  (For some families with more people, leftovers might not exist!)

B- Egg white omelette w/ veggies; toast
L- Pierogies, veggie straws
D- Tacos, rice

B- Toast w/ apple butter
L- [out]
D- Oven-baked chicken strips; mashed potatoes, corn

B- Eggo Waffle w/ pure syrup, strawberries
L- Egg sandwich, fruit
D- Chili, baked potato

B- Banana slices with peanut butter & craisins
L- Squid dogs, applesauce
D- Pot roast w/ veggies, potatoes

B- Cheerios & Raisins
L- Progresso soup, cheese & crackers, carrot sticks
D- Leftovers

B- [out]
L- [out]
D- Buttered noodles; bread



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