Meal Plan for March 5-11

The last couple weeks have been crazy around here and I’ve been negligent in posting our menu plans. We have had them, however, and I’m posting them anyway (albeit late) in the hopes that the prove helpful to some readers.

Here is the plan for March 5-11:

B- Banana Nut Muffins
L- Tuna Salad sandwich; bean salad; fresh fruit
D- Chuck Wagon Pot-roast rip off (slightly modified; Yukon gold potato fan

B- Greek Yogurt w/ granola
L- Lentil stew (from the freezer); bread; grapes
D- Slow-Cooker 4 Bean Chili on spaghetti; roasted garlic on bread

B- Toast w/ apple butter and craisins
L- Homemade Whole wheat bagel pizzas; applesauce
D- Tex-Mex Chicken with Zucchini

B- Mixed fresh fruit
L- Turkey & Cheese Pita Sandwich (w/ laughing cow spread); veggie straws
D- Crock Pot Chicken Chili Verde

B- Bagel w/ peanut butter
L- 4 Bean Chili on baked potatoes (same chili from Tuesday night)
D- Sloppy Joes; sweet potato fries, corn



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