The Search for a Healthy Granola Bar

A couple months ago I posted on Facebook that I was searching for a healthy, homemade granola bar. The quick-and-easy convenience of grabbing a granola bar on a busy morning is very necessary everyone once in awhile. Historically, our go-to bars have been Quaker Chewy. That is, until we started caring about ingredients and seeing all the stuff that’s jammed in those. You might as well call it a candy bar.

We’ve gotten some great recommendations as far as healthy ingredients, but unfortunately many of them have high carb or protein counts which, while not necessarily bad for you, drive up the Weight Watchers Point value which is another thing we are trying to balance.

All that to say, I’ve found a tremendous bar that is incredibly easy to make (I started these at 9:00 on a Sunday night, on a whim), include many staples already in the house, make a ton, are healthy, and dollar-for-dollar are super cheap. Weelicious is becoming a go-to Web site for food and treat planning and Catherine there has saved the day again in the granola bar department.

Grab the full details and recipe here :

One note: be sure to follow the instructions as far as when to cut the bars. They’re seemingly pretty soft out of the oven, but do firm up quite a bit and cutting would be awfully difficult if you waited too long.

You won’t be disappointed in these bars. And I doubt your kids will be either (Rayna – just under 4 years old) loves them!


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