Welcome to our blog! We’re a fairly typical suburban family of four with a fairly typical background in our overall level of health and wellness. (Not too lazy…not too fit. Not overeaters…not exactly healthy. Not too busy…not too paced.)

As we launch this site, it’s a new year, which means opportunities for new beginnings. And in our family, that means an attempt at creating the new us. Nothing mystical or crazy. Just a revised way of life. Healthier lifestyle. Healthier habits. We’re learning that the habits we form in our children at a young age are increasingly difficult to part with later in life. So for their sake (and, let’s be honest — for our own as well) we’re striving to launch this year in a healthier fashion. Not as a resolution. Not as a simple goal. As a way of life. As a way of living. Gone with the old. In with the new. the new us.

Here’s you’ll find posts in two categories: inputs and outputs. Simple as that. There are things we put in to our lives (food, inspiration, education, and so-on). And there are things we put out of our lives (investments in others, physical fitness, etc.) You can find things on these two categories, and greater detail in the variety of tags each post will have. We’re going to do our best to document our journey in making the transition from normal to new.

There will be posts of confession and posts of challenge; posts of encouragement and posts about the equipment we’re using; posts of recipes and our weekly meal plans and posts where we share something we’ve recently learned. By the end of the year this blog will likely be somewhat of a mix between journal and toolbox. In any case, we hope it helps you somewhere along the way.


Kevin & Robyn


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