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Meal Plan for March 12-18

This week’s dinners are all inspired by St. Patrick’s Day. We’re taking traditional Irish-type meals and making modifications to them for the sake of flavor and/or healthiness.  A couple other homemade treats this week include some homemade granola bars (complete summary of that here) and incredible spinach cake muffins.

B – Homemade Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
L – Four Bean Chili (leftover from last week) on Pasta
D – “Fish & Chips” : Broiled tilapia, oven baked fries

B – Bagel Sandwich w/ peanut butter & raisins
L – PB&J on Pita, sweet potato straws, applesauce/pineapple
D – “Bangers and Mash” : Turkey sausage, peas & carrots, mashed potatoes

Make Spinach Cake Muffins

B – Spinach Cake Muffins
L – Egg, turkey, cheese on bagel
D – “Corned Beef & Cabbage : Corned beef, roasted red potatoes

B – Banana Bread
L – Leftover turkey sausage & potatoes
D – [Dinner out for school fundraiser]

B – Granola Bar
L – Grilled cheese, goldfish, fruit
D – Shepherd’s Pie


Meal Plan for January 23-29

This week’s meal plan includes a couple carryovers from last week that we didn’t end up having for one reason or another.

Another highlight for this week includes leftover BBQ beef on Monday night. This is from a couple weeks ago and since a single batch made enough, we froze leftovers to make a great simple meal on this evening.

We’re also taking advantage of things on sale at our local grocery store. Apples are out of season, but they’re on sale and while they’ll be mediocre for munching, they’ll make good homemade applesauce (where we can control the sugar content). Some berries are on sale, as well, which will make great smoothies for a day or two this week.

B- Smoothie; banana w/ Peanut Butter or Nutella
L- Vienna beef hot dog, cheddar cheese cubes, carrot & celery sticks
D- Leftover BBQ Beef on English Muffin; peas

B- English Muffin, Apple Butter
L- Deli-style sandwich; sweet potato straws, grapefruit
D- Fajitas, rice.

Make pear muffins
Make applesauce

B- Glazed Pear Muffin
L- PB&J Sandwich; crackers; Homemade applesauce
D- Slow-Cooker Lasagna

B- Cereal w/ almond milk
L- Easy Fried Rice
D- Hamburgers on sandwich thins; sweet potato wedges

B- Low-fat Greek yogurt w/ granola
L- 15-minute vegetarian chili, corn muffin
D- Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes

B- Glazed pear muffin and/or smoothie
L- Deli wrap on spinach tortilla; organic corn chips
D- Tilapia with Rice Pilaf

B- Toast with peanut butter

No-Bake Energy Bites

As we continue to try to clear out the artificial and sugary ingredients in our pantry, there are a few things we’re on the hunt to replace. Yesterday I posted a plea on Facebook for a healthy homemade granola bar recipe. In the conversation thread, these No-Bake Energy Bites came up in the conversation.

Ran to the grocery store, picked up the few ingredients we still needed, measured the ingredients out and let Rayna help mix it all up.

The recipe isn’t original, so I won’t post the full thing here, but hop on over to Smashed Peas and Carrots, take a look at the recipe, and make these. You won’t be disappointed.

(Note: WW PointsPlus : 4 points each)