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The “No Menu” Experiment

Last week we tried to roll through the week without having our weekly menu planned out. There were two primary reasons for this:

  1. The weekend got busy and we didn’t have time to make it up on Sunday like usual.  We could have taken the time on Monday to plan, but:
  2. We intentionally decided to try to go for the week without a plan. The goal was to see if we could make do with what we had on hand in the house (financial impact) and see if we could make wise, healthy decisions accordingly (health impact).

After a week, I think we give ourselves a “C”.  It was an average week. We didn’t jump into the deep end with poor choices, but the week ended up being far more stressful than it needed to be. Come lunch time, rather than look at the menu and start preparing, you find yourself starting at the fridge or pantry for an extra ten minutes figuring out what to do (not easy when you’re on a schedule with kids). When time is a little frantic and stressed, you’re tempted to go out to eat rather than stick to the plan (we didn’t cave). And even in decision-making, you can make decent choices which are not necessarily the most healthy.

What did we learn from this experiment?

It’s worth the time to plan the menu for the week.  You ensure you’re getting the appropriate daily intake of all the good stuff. You cut down on stress. And you eliminate temptations.

We’re back on with a plan for this week.